Hi, you can email me should you want to ask anything or just ramble on, the following is a, whole lot of fun and, I enjoy writing and sometimes looking back.

— Kai (黃振佳)

Please note, the domain kaichanvong.com is not my own, however the impersonater/s have kept some of the original design. Also, 1 Tumblr account is not my own… please take care browsing the web.

About me (this human being)

Previously designing to solve problems. Ironically I'm not a fan of problems. They frustrate. However, to work on problems is a wonderful thing…

My background was in art, computing, design, video-games, food and drink. I was also a programmer implementing designs and solutions. Writing code like cogs or jigsaw pieces for an elegant touch. Hobbies include art, music, food, learning, books, movies...

My tech & lifestyle setup

I try to encourage people to think for themselves. Hence this section is available on request from me @ kaivong.com.

Projects that exist …

Please be aware these are hosted else-where from my own domain!

In most circumstances you'll discover I've had to pay for hosting there or given space to advertising. Always happy to disuss this more.

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